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"The Song of the Armadillo" (story book):

In Bolivia, there once lived a little armadillo who loved music more than anything else in the world. Oh, how he wished he could sing like the frogs, crickets, and canaries that lived around him. He tried the horn, the harmonica, the piano, and every other possible thing! However, the sound he made was such a horrible thing that the other creatures told him, "Don't be ridiculous! Armadillos can't sing!" Will he ever achieve his dream?

This story book is filled with vibrant illustrations and fun onomatopoeia and rhyme. Perfect for kids of all ages at story time!

The Song of the Armadillo: Coloring & Activity Books:

Follow the little armadillo along his journey to create the most beautiful song! This book is packed with cute, hand-drawn, ready-to-color illustrations, Word Searches, a crossword puzzle, word scrambles, and activities geared towards creative thinking!!! The activities vary in complexity, making it a great book for family time! Everyone can join in on the fun!!

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