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Caricatures make great gifts for any occasion, whether it be a birthday, graduation, wedding anniversary, boss appreciation day, or anything else under the sun! 

You can commission a caricature for yourself!! Or I could draw group pictures (families, friends, teams, dastardly duos, terrific trios, etc.)


You get the idea! I can even draw your pet(s)!


There are several options to choose from. Prices will vary depending on the specifications of your custom order! (See below)

Caricature Options:

Black & White:

Face Only
(includes part of torso)

Face With Full Body


Face Only
(includes part of torso)

Face With Full Body

Commission Options:

Individual Caricature


of a singular person, either just the bust (face and torso or full body image (posing or doing some sort of activity)

Couple Caricature

of two people: best friends,

lovers, partners, siblings, parent/child, etc.

Group Caricature

of family, friends, teams, workmates, etc

Caricature Artwork
Size Options:


Standard Size: 11" x 14"
or 11" x 17" (please specify)

Medium Size*: 16" x 20"

Large Size*: 18" x 24"

Extra Large*: 20" x 24"

*There is an additional charge for the large and extra large paper options.

Commission FAQs:

How much does it cost?

Pricing varies depending on the number of people in the drawing, color or black & white, paper size, possible shipping costs if mailed.


How long until my commission is finished?

Once I have all the photos and information I need from you, commissions can take between 1 and 3 weeks to complete depending on the complexity
of the order.

Do you draw Pets?


Yes, I can draw your pet.

Same caricature option guidelines apply!


Please email me your inquiries and I will be happy to assist you further! 





You can place orders for individual caricatures or group caricatures either in black & white or in color based on photographs.


*All artwork is subject to an 8% sales tax and a shipping & handling fee. 


**All caricatures will be drawn on the standard size of 11" x 14" OR 11" x 17" paper. If orders for larger groups (Five (5) or more faces) are placed, a larger sheet of paper may be used and the price may increase. Customers can also make specific requests for other sizes, but there will be a variance in the price.

  • Standard Size 1:  11" x 14"   no extra charge

  • Standard Size 2: 11" x 17"    no extra charge

  • Medium Size:  16" x 20"    additional $20.00

  • Large Size:     18" x 24"    additional $30.00

  • Extra Large*:  20" x 24"   additional $50.00
    (*done on cold-press watercolor paper)


***Please make sure all faces are clearly shown in the photographs that you send. Sending multiple photos of the subject's face is preferred in order to have a clear view all the facial features and angles. Artist will notify Client if there are any problems with the photographs immediately. You can also specify certain details you'd like included in the artwork, such as a written name or message, favorite colors, favorite things (flowers, hobbies, costumes, tv characters, etc.).


****If you choose to have a face & body caricature made, please specify what activity you'd like portrayed. This includes sports, dance, playing instruments, flying in a space craft, riding a whale, eating a cake, etc.  

*****Artist has the right to share all artwork on her website and social media. However, Artist will ask Client's permission before sharing any side-by-side comparisons of the artwork with the original photos.



Caricature of a baby on her first birthday
Fluffy dog caricature
Graduation caricature
Dog caricature
Funny family caricature featuring full color, face and full bodies, and pet dog
Love in Bahama Paradise. Two lovebirds posing on the doc surrounded by animals and a rainbow
Side by Side comparison of photo references and derived caricatures of the family.

Permission was granted by the family depicted above to share the photo references they provided side by side with the artwork I created from those photos. - May 30, 2020 -

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