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Armadillo and the Horn

The armadillo tries to blow the horn, but the sounds don't come out quite right!

Book One Title Page

Title page image of the first book from a three-part series of miniature coloring & activity books

Sad Armadillo

Oh, oh how the little armadillo wishes he could sing like the frogs, the crickets, and the canaries.


The armadillo went to the frog's pond to listen to them sing their song.


The crickets' dulcet tones left the armadillo in awe. Oh, how he wished his song had a nice ring.


The canaries song was more beautiful than that of the first two. The armadillo was entranced by their sweet melodies.


One of the activities found in this miniature coloring & activity book.

The Song of the Armadillo: Coloring & Activity Book One

A little armadillo dreams of having a beautiful song like that of the frogs, the crickets, and the canaries. There's only one problem though...armadillos can't sing! Follow along as the main character works hard to achieve his dream! Filled with coloring pages and brain-stimulating activities, this book supplies fun for all ages

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