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Armadillo with Harmonica

The little armadillo tried to play the harmonica, but couldn't get the sound to come out!

Book Two Title Page

Title page of the second book in the three-part miniature coloring & activity book series.

Song Writing Activity

One of the activities featured in Book Two where children can finish the songs of each animal and then write a song of their own!

Choose A Path Activity

Choose the correct path, A B or C, to get the canaries back to the little girl.

Potion Activity

Time to make a potion. Draw the ingredients listed inside of the cauldron and add in whatever you want to enhance the wizard's potion!

Crossword Puzzle

Use the clues on the opposite page to fill in the blanks in the crossword puzzle.

Word Scramble Activity

Rearrange the letters to correctly spell out the words. Use the spaces provided.

The Song of the Armadillo: Coloring & Activity Book Two

Join up with the little armadillo once again, as he works very hard to achieve his dream of singing a beautiful song like the frogs, the crickets, and the canaries! Jam packed with coloring pages and fun activities such as word searches, word scrambles, and more!

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